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Corporate Yoga

It has been proven that yoga and meditation reduce stress and boost productivity in a workplace. Research has shown that the top 3 changes seen in the workplace from regular yoga and mindfulness practice are Focus, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

Well known companies such as Facebook and Google do daily sessions in yoga and mindfulness – Google’s Chade-Meng says “Goodness is good for business”!


Improved Focus and Productivity
Decreases the frequency & duration of sick days
Improved Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
Makes the place of work an enjoyable environment
Improves Communication
Boosts Morale
Enhances employees’ strength, posture and health
Decreases employees’ fatigue.

I can provide a bespoke 1 hour yoga and mindfulness session that are specifically designed to energise, engage and relax. 

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Prices Available on Request

Available for advanced bookings of:

5 sessions

10 sessions

Discounts for Bulk Bookings

Chair yoga is exactly as it sounds, yoga at your desk! I create special stretches and movements to help stretch and re energise your team at any time of day, followed by some peaceful relaxation/meditation to regain focus and productivity. 

ChairYoga and Mindfulness Sessions
(30 mins)

Price Available on Request

ChairYoga and Mindfulness Sessions
(10 sessions)

Prices Available on Request

To book, or for more information about Corporate yoga, please contact me here.

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