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Padmini Teaching Family

Rachel Matthews
Founder of Padmini Yoga

  Rachel has been practicing yoga for just over 9 years & has always loved its endless benefits inside & out! She founded Padmini in early 2016 to celebrate the origins of Yoga she had discovered in both her 200h and 300h teacher trainings in India. In the Himalayas with her 200h course- she came away feeling totally full of love, completely challenged, heart warmingly inspired and utterly humbled by her experience there. She continued to teach for a further 18 months before it felt right to go for her deeper training (300h). She was overwhelmingly blessed to be able to train in Mysore, India in the disciplined practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa – this is the birth place of Ashtanga. From these experiences she wanted to bring a sense of Eastern authenticity to her classes in respect for the ancient yoga tradition and scientific and logical practice. She firmly believes that Yoga with its therapeutic values can keep the mind as well as the body healthy – with daily asana, pranayama and meditation practice we can help keep our mind, body and soul in harmony with one another making life happy healthy and meaningful.

Photography By Smith

Becky Breakwell

Becky discovered yoga 3 years ago. Being quite an active person, she was initially drawn more powerful styles of yoga. However, over a short period of time, she found herself craving more than just the physical practice – to find time away from the chaos of the western world. It became her passion & found herself drawn to do her 200hr teacher training in the West Midlands in 2016 to expand her knowledge. Becky believes that Yoga is not just a physical exercise but a way of life – a space for us to feel safe to question, become aware and soften the layers of the self  to discover a sense of peace.


Kirsty Broughton

Pad-mini’s Children’s Yoga Teacher

Kirsty first found her love of yoga 4 years ago. Yoga became a massive part of her life after having children & her daily home practice was born! Kirsty noticed soon after that yoga wasn’t just improving her physically but also mentally. She completed her 200h teacher training  and children’s yoga training in the Midlands in 2017 and now she believes anything is possible & that yoga is a major catalyst to this!

What is Padmini?


Padmini in Sanskrit means “She who sits on the lotus”. The lotus has been a significant spiritual symbol in the East for thousands of years. The lotus flower grows from the bottom of streams and muddy ponds to rise above the water and bloom. It symbolically represents being fully grounded in earth, yet aspiring towards the higher self.

I believe that yoga can teach us this way of living. We all can be beautiful flowers blooming above the muddy water which life can be sometimes, always remaining grounded and reaching up for more possibilities and the ultimate state of bliss.

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